Why Should You Brush Your Tongue?

We clean our teeth so we don’t get cavities.  We clean the surfaces of our teeth, we clean between our teeth, and we even clean our gums – the tissue in which our teeth are rooted.  We make sure to rid these areas of potentially dangerous bacteria.  It would also make sense that we would clean our tongues as well, but often we do not.

The moist ridges of a tongue create an excellent environment for bacteria to thrive.  Though not in direct contact with the teeth most of the time, the bacteria on our tongues can still be problematic.  Additionally, the toxins that these bacteria release are a major contributor to halitosis or bad breath.

There are a number of simple solutions, however, that require little effort yet yield a high reward.  Tongue brushers and scrapers are relatively common, and cheap, solutions available over the counter in a number of locations.  These tools remove not only bacteria, but also any remaining food items, and dead cells.  What is left is a clean tongue surface.

Additionally, there are Tongue Gel options that help to loosen hard to reach bacteria.  These gels are also available over the counter, and can be a great addition to your brushing routine – though may not be appropriate or necessary for everyone.

Dentists agree that for complete oral care, the tongue should be included in the cleaning routine.  Take care of your tongue and clean it regularly.  You’ll be happy you did.

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